Welcome to bioinformatics in the cloud

Get access to bioinformatics software in minutes with nothing to download.

n3phele is a cloud based environment for analysis of bioinformatic data, being developed at the University of Colorado Boulder Knight Lab. The goal is to exploit unique capabilities of cloud computing to create an environment that:
  1. Allows researchers to perform data analysis without requiring any software download or software setup on their computer.
  2. Enable on-demand access to scalable analysis pipelines to faciliate simple, rapid processing of large data sets
  3. Help researchers keep track of data analysis and formulate their own repeatible protcols without having to learn scripting or  workflow tools
  4. Enable developers of bioinformatic software to independently share implementations into the community without requiring them to code in a particular langage or environment, or to integrate their software into a preexisting platform

More Information

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How do I access n3phele?

n3phele is a cloud service that runs in the cloud! See the tutorial below for details on how to get an account with n3phele.

What analyses can I run?

We are getting started with QIIME 16S toolkit, but are interested in contributions from other developers with new, novel algorithms. Contributors can develop and add their own commands to n3phele.

How much does if cost?

n3phele is a research project available for access by research collaborators at no cost. However, the cost of computing time associated with data analysis in cloud environments such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has to be paid for by the individual researcher. We are also working on links to other research clouds.