executecommand - execute a command on a virtual machine

 1. Description

The action http://www.n3phele.com/executecommand runs a command on a given virtual machine.
The fields of the action are:
 name  Used to name the command execution. The name must start with an alphabetic or underscore character, and be followed by one or more alphanumeric or underscore characters. Names cannot contain spaces.
 description  A description of the execution purpose
 workloadKey  An unique identifier for the workload
 action  http://www.n3phele.com/executecommand
 inputFiles  Describes the input files needed for the command execution. See 2. Specifying files for details
 inputParameters  A list of input parameters describing the nature of the created virtual machine. See 3. Input Parameters for details.
 outputFiles  Describes the output files generated by the command execution. See 2. Specifying files for details

2. Specifying files

Each defined input or output action file reference is specified using the following fields

 field name





unique file identifier. This entry matches the associated file definition entry in the command inputFiles section

 description     string  describes the file contents
 filename  string  the local filesystem relative path and filename of the file
 optional  boolean  specifies if the file may be optionally available. Always false for output files, may be true or false for input files.


3. Input Parameters

The input parameters specify the details of the command to be executed as follows:
 parameter name  type  definition
 dependency list list of dependencies for the action. defaults to an empty list
 command  string  shell command. Defaults to "echo no command specified"
 stdin  string  task execution stdin
 agentUser  secret  username for authenticated access to the vm agent
 agentPassword  secret  password for authenticated access to the vm agent
 agentBaseUrl  string  url for access to the vm agent

4. Output Parameters

The output parameters give information about the command execution as follows:
 parameter name  type  definition
 stdout  string  task execution stdout
 stderr  string  task execution stderr
 exitCode  long  operating system process exitcode. Note that a non-zero exit code denotes task failure, and will cause n3phele to abort processing. Useful as a dependency for successful task execution
Figure 1. Example 
"description":"copy files",
    "description":"Input file",
        "description":"Shell command",
        "value":"cp input.file output.file; ls -l input.file output.file"
    { "name":"agentUser",
    "description":"Output file",