Error Messages

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File Copy Errors - Status Code: 404 NoSuchKey

These messages occur on file transfer tasks. There is typically a warning message that includes the text "NoSuchKey" and "The specified key does not exist". Followed by an error message "File copy http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8887/task/x failed with exist status -1. See figure 1 for an example.
These errors mean that the nominated data set file does not exist. Common reasons are that the incorrect repository was selected, or the file name or path were typed incorrectly. Remember these paths are case sensitive.








vm creation initiation FAILED with status 400

This message is caused by the Amazon EC2 account not being completely set up. Typically if you log into the amazon console, you will see a message indicating that your EC2 account establishment is "in progress". You should wait for the Amazon process to complete and then retry the operation.
There is a possibility that if you have proceeded with the signup process without the Amazon account being setup first, that some aspects of your n3phele setup could be broken, and this will cause additional failures. If this occurs you will need to delete your Accounts and Repositories and re-create them. See figure 2 for an example.

vm creation FAILED due to timeout

 This is a rare event, but occassionally the Amazon virtual machines fail to properly start. Generally if you retry the operation it will be successful. See figure 3 for an example.


Figure 1. NoSuchKey 
Figure 2. Amazon Credential Issue

Figure 3. VM Did not start