Command Definition JSON Reference Description

A command defines processing that n3phele can perform on one or more clouds. The command consists of two parts:
  1. command interface definition
    which describes the command execution parameters that allow the user to input or select command options, command input files, and command output files
  2. execution profiles
    which describe the actions necessary to execute the command on one or more cloud environments. 
The fields of the command are:
 uri  a unique identifier assigned by n3phele for the command
 name  a globally unique human readible name for the command. The command name may contain spaces.
 description  A description of the command
 public  "true" if the command is visible to other users, or "false" if only visible to the command creator.
 preferred  "true" if this is the version of the command that should show by default in the n3phele command tab, otherwise "false". Only one version of a command can have this field with a value "true". If a command is created or updated with this field "true", then the value of preferred of all other versions will be set to "false".
  version   command version identifier.  There can be multiple versions of a command with the same name.
 icon  URL of a 96 x 96 png icon associated with this command. A set of default icons are available, or a custom icon can be defined. The default icons are referenced at the path, for example The custom icon address must be https:// and the icon name must end in ".png"
 inputFiles  defines the command inputFiles
 outputFiles  defines the command outputFiles
 executionParameters  defines a set of command parameter values (with optional defaults) allowing the user to edit or input command information. Parameters may be constants, or expressions
 executionProfiles  defines a series of actions to implement the command on a particular cloud
Figure 1. Simple n3phele command definition 

1 {
2    "command" : {
3        "uri" : "",
4        "name" : "grep",
5        "description" : "print lines matching a pattern",
6        "public" : "false",
7        "preferred" : "false",
8        "version" : "1.0RC",
9        "icon" :,
10       "inputFiles" : {
11       "name" : "input1",
12       "description" : "file to search",
13        "optional" : "false"
14     },
15     "outputFiles" : {
16         "name" : "output1",
17         "description" : "match results",
18          "optional" : "false"
19     },
20     "executionParameters" : {
21        "name" : "pattern",
22         "description" : "file search pattern",
23         "type" : "String",
24         "defaultValue" : ""
25     },
26    "executionProfiles" : {


106    }
107 }