Setting up your n3phele account

 0. Pre-requisites

Before starting the registration and setup of your n3phele account, you'll need to establish your account on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which is described in more detail here. To verify that you have completed that process, go to the Amazon EC2 Console and log in using your username and password.  If your setup is complete, you should see a window similar to that shown in Figure 1.   If you do not see this window, please contact Amazon support to help complete your setup process.

 1. Accessing the n3phele site

 To access the n3phele site, click here to open a new window for the n3phele cloud service url:
 Note that the address starts with https: rather than just http: This ensures that the communication with the site is secured using encryption. This means that no one can eavesdrop and get access to your passwords or other credentials as you enter them into n3phele during the setup process. You will see a window similar to that shown in figure 2.

2. Starting Registration

Click on the register link at the bottom right of the page. You will see a window similar to that shown in figure 3. Start by entering your email address, and first and last name information. You will use the email address as your login identifier. It will also be the email address used if you request notifications from n3phele. You will need to enter your n3phele account password in both the New Password field and the Confirm Password field.

3. Getting Amazon Access Credentials

Next you will need to fill in your Amazon EC2 Access key and Secret Access key credentials. The easiest way to do this is to open a link to the Amazon console in a 2nd window by clicking here and logging on. You will see an "Access Credentials" similar to that shown in figure 4.
Copy the "Access Key Id" (a 20 digit alphanumeric string) and paste it into the "Amazon EC2 Access Key ID" field on the n3phele registration page. Leave the Amazon credential window open, we will be coming back to it!
Be careful to only copy the characters of the key, and ensure no additonal spaces or other characters are copied.
Now go back to your Amazon Access Credentials window, and click on the "Show" label under "Secret access key" - a 40 character string consisting of upper and lower case characters, digits, and some special characters. Copy the Secret Acccess Key, again being careful not to include any spaces or other additional characters and paste this into the Amazon EC2 Secret Access Key field on the n3phele registration page. Paste it again into the Confirm EC2 Secret Access Key field on the n3phele registration page.

4. Completing Registration

Once you have copied in your Amazon Access credentials, your registration page will look similar to Figure 5.


Press the "register" button to activitate your account on n3phele.


After a few seconds you will see a popup window confirming your registration.



Figure 1. Amazon EC2 Dashboard
Figure 2. n3phele login page.
Figure 3. Registration page partially filled out
Figure 4 Amazon Access Credentials
Figure 5. Registration Filled Out